Find Your Facebook Page & User ID


To solve your problem Facebook ID offer these two features to find your facebook page or user id, which is explain briefly down below.


Page ID

Facebook page id can be used in most cases but page id is quit difficult to find from facebook site, But you can easily find with, You need just to find the page URL.


User ID

Facebook user id is needed when you are try to make some one admin on the page. But the only way you can find someone user id is our tool, copy the user profile URL and paste in the box above.

About This Tool

If you want to find any facebook page id or user id. You will face many problem, because facebook make it very difficult to show the real facebook page id. Every time you can only see the page or profile username in the URL. So if you want to get facebook page id this tool will help you to find fb id by using the page/user URL. Just copy the URL of the page/user and paste on the box at the top of this page, and click on find.